Doom Will Last 13 Hours, According to Developer

The amount of bang you’re going to get for your buck seems to be a common concern for a lot of gamers out there, and id Software seems to think that the single player campaign of Doom has about 13 hours of bang in it.

When someone asked how long the campaign is, well the official Doom twitter just came out told him. How’s that for transparency?

But you do have to wonder if it’s really that long. Or if it’s a developer stopping and smelling the roses and protracting an eight hour game into thirteen. They do mention difficulty. It’s completely feasible that an easy playthrough and one on the hardest difficulty will have drastically different times. At the end of the day, it’s not like we’re talking an exact science. Different people play games at different paces, let alone difficulty levels, but it’s in a developer’s best interest for potential consumers to think that their hard earned $60 is going toward something with some length to it. And it’s not unheard of for studios to inflate the claimed length of their games, intentionally or not.

Just recently, Campo Santo claimed that Firewatch would be five to six hours long. When in my experience, most players finished it in the three to four range. Whether they inflated those numbers intentionally, or whether their playtesters were in fact taking that long to finish the game, who knows. And while people expect to get the most out of their money, let’s not kid ourselves. Games are expensive, both to make and to buy. No matter their size. Doom was probably about as expensive as Fallout 4, and Doom was scrapped at least once.

But thirteen hours of a first person shooting seems like the sweet spot. Any more than that and it would probably start to run out of steam. Add to that multiplayer, and well, you have yourself a package.

Now whether or not those thirteen hours are awesome or a drag, we’re gonna have to wait till May 13th to find out.

I guess we can also add to this that Bethesda revealed the box art for the game:


Like it or lump it. That’s the cover. Generic dude with a shotgun. It is pretty uninspired, but at the same time, I don’t remember the last time I bought a game with a cover, or paid any attention to cover art.

So whatever.

Shooters have to have dudes with guns. It’s a law.

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