It’s Time for More Nintendo NX Rumors

It’s Time for More Nintendo NX Rumors

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It wouldn’t be a news week without a Nintendo NX rumor, and this time it’s a good one. A Playstation 4 developer has leaked some information pertaining specifically to dev kits and a potential release date. Hint: it’s this year.

GoNintendo has the deets on this one. Their “long time” source MetalDave, who the site claims has gotten inside information correct multiple times, came to them with some information from a Playstation 4 developer. This unnamed code monkey knows that second and thirty party Nintendo studios already have the NX dev kits. Though he (or she) doesn’t have his (or her) hands on one yet, he knows when they’ll be able to order them, and his studios is hoping to port their “graphically demanding” PS4 game to Nintendo’s new platform.

The interest part, albeit not too surprising, is that all the documents and NDAs, and the information about the dev kit itself leads this unnamed developer to believe that the NX could be out as early as this year.

What could this game be? Well, it’s highly unlikely that it’s a PS4 exclusive. Sony likes to keep a tight grip on those games, understandably so, but it’s a good bet that it’s a game coming to PS4, but isn’t necessarily exclusive. Hellblade and No Man’s Sky immediately come to mind, since both of those games are coming to PS4 as well as PC. There’s always the chance it’s an unannounced project, too. There are plenty of those floating around, I’m sure.

But this rumor does give a nice look into the potential technical specs of the Nintendo NX. It’s pretty obvious it’ll compete with the PS4 and Xbox One in terms of technical prowess, but if it exceeds them, boy howdy.

Wouldn’t it be crazy if the prettiest console games are specifically on a Nintendo platform?

What’s next? An over the shoulder Mario shooter built on Unreal 4?

What a world that would be.



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