Need for Speed

Need for Speed Racing onto PC March 17

If you’ve been waiting patiently for the PC version of the FMV-fueled thrill ride that is Need for Speed, you won’t have to wait much longer.

EA announced yesterday that Need for Speed (you know, the reboot, the game too cool for a subtitle), would be available on the PC March 17th. The game was previously delayed so that more time could be spent giving the PC version the attention it deserved. Now it’ll contain a swath of features, like (whoa) an unlocked framerate, steering wheel support, 4k resolution and HD audio, manual transmission, and free content updates.

Still, though, will the extra love even matter? The game only saw so-so reviews from critics and players alike. So it wasn’t a triumphant return, and it’s safe to say that Need for Speed’s glory day still remain behind the series. It’s hard to guess if anyone is clamoring for the PC version. I know I’m not, and I do like a good racing game, and this one does have FMV that’s so-bad-it’s-good. That might be reason enough to pick up Need For Speed at some point, but considering EA still expects us to spend $60 on it, and now we know it’s only okay at best, I don’t see many people jumping on board for a day one purchase.

You can’t argue that it doesn’t look really good, though.

The trailer is evidence enough of that:

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