Minecraft Servers – Setting one up safely

Minecraft is changing the way that kids interact with video games. This record setting video game has captivated millions of players and is only growing in popularity. Chances are you know someone that loves playing Minecraft and has talked about the fun Minecraft servers that they have played on. What does this mean and how can you help keep them secure in this online community where bullying runs rampant? This is an important question and the answer needs to be more widespread to help keep these multiplayer experiences positive.

Minecraft is traditionally played in single player locally on someone’s computer, but also offers the opportunity to connect to massive online multiplayer worlds where many players interact and experience the game. These are generally public locations and unfortunately can be harsh for some players, especially the younger audience. So what is one to do with their kid wants to play with friends online? The best answer is to host your own Minecraft server which can be monitored and controlled so only those that you are comfortable playing with are allowed to connect.

Minecraft Servers

Hosting your own Minecraft servers is a bit complex and requires some configuration to make sure that everything is secure and fast enough to provide a great experience for everyone playing. This is why third party companies are very popular which offer Minecraft servers hosting services like Apex Minecraft Hosting. For a small fee they will set up everything required for a fast and fun server for friends to connect to and instantly send you the login information.

Once you have the IP address for the server you can login and play. Friends and family will also be able to connect to the server to play simultaneously. But before giving this out, you will want to follow these tips to make sure that the server is properly secured to keep anyone that might cause harm out:

The owner of the server will automatically have “OP” privileges which gives them access to all commands that can be used on the server. You must not give this administrator capability to anyone else as they can pass it along or change the security which you have configured.

When you are on the server you will want to enable a whitelist which will only allow players that have been added to this list. In order to do this you can use the command “/whitelist on” and start adding those players you wish to allow to connect by typing “/whitelist add [username]”.


You can also add plugins to the server which can prevent any hacks or cheats from being used making the game fair for all players. They can also prevent griefing, which is when one player destroys what another player has created. This website has a great list of plugins that can be used to prevent players from interfering with the enjoyment of Minecraft.

Once players are on the server make sure that they understand the rules for playing on the server. If someone refuses to follow the rules and is causing problems you can ban them from the server by using the command “/ban [username].

By following these tips you can create an incredible online Minecraft experience for your friends to all play on cooperatively. The most important part about having your own Minecraft server is that you will be able to ensure that it is a safe environment for all players.

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