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Hideo Kojima Takes to Youtube

Now that Hideo Kojima is no longer being kept in a 4×4 cell by Konami, he’s free to do whatever he wants. In this case, he’s started a Youtube channel.

Okay, maybe Konami didn’t really keep Hideo Kojima prisoner, but they did basically put a gag order on him during the end of his tenure at the publisher. He couldn’t talk to the press, or to fans, and Konami even prevented him from attending the 2015 Video Game Awards.

But now that he’s on his own, Kojima can catch up on all the things he’s missed in recent times. First up? Youtube. Who knows what’s next for the game developer guru. Maybe he’ll start streaming dressed as characters from the game he’s playing. Feel free to steal that idea, Hiddy-poo. I’ll promise never to call you that again.

He’s christening his Youtube channel (henceforth to be called Hideo Tube) not with a bottle of champagne, but with a 45 minute video in which he and Kenji Yano list their top ten movies of 2015. I won’t spoil the video or the ranking except to say that a few of the movies actually came out here in 2014, but not until 2015 in Japan, because that’s just how some of these things work.

It’s why Godzilla hasn’t attacked the US yet either.

Pretty cool, though. Hopefully he posts more than once a year, but at some point he’s gonna have to get back to work on the PS4 exclusive he’s doing.

Next to nothing has been revealed about that yet, though, which isn’t surprising since the project is still in its infancy.

Until it’s done, though, you can at least keep yourself busy with Hideo Tube.


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