Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs 2 Releasing Within the Next Year

Watch Dogs (or WATCH_DOGS if you’re cool like that) had its fair share of controversy, but still sold well enough that a sequel was inevitable, and that sequel is coming out before April of next year.

During Ubisoft’s most recent earnings call, the developer let slip that Watch Dogs 2 would be joining For Honor, Tom Clancy’s: Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Southpark: Fractured But Whole, as titles scheduled for release before the end of fiscal 2017, marking it on the calendar prior to April of next year.

The first Watch Dogs ended up being more infamous than famous. We can thank it for the rise of downgrade witch hunts. People have become only more sensitive to games looking inferior to their highly unrepresentative demos, which – you could argue – is just about all of them. It’s a vicious cycle. People want to see a game as soon as possible, regardless of whether or not the technical aspects have been locked in, so developers show them a game as soon as there’s something resembling a playable demo, and when that doesn’t match what eventually comes out two to three years later, pitch forks are raised. Watch Dogs was the most memorable victim of this, but it also happened to Dark Souls 2, and Witcher 3, and now it’s happening to The Division.

People ended up so enamored with what Watch Dogs wasn’t that they couldn’t really see what it was. Sure, it wasn’t the crowning masterpiece that people were expecting, and some aspects of it wound up rather mediocre, but at the end of the day, it was a solid enough game.

It’s probably good, then, that Ubisoft has not so much as officially revealed Watch Dogs 2 yet, let alone shown any gameplay of it.

I guess the game industry, or at least Ubisoft, is finally learning that, in general, people suck.

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