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FNaF World is Back, and on Gamejolt

No more than three weeks after FNaF World was pulled from Steam by Scott Cawthon because its user reviews were slightly short of glowing, it has once again arisen, and for free.

That’s right, FNaF World, which Cawthon deemed too inferior to be sold on Steam, is now free on Gamejolt. The turn-based RPG now has a 3D overworld, and a few more features, but generally speaking, it seems like not much else has changed.

And I can’t say it’s worth playing, but I’m basing this solely on the five minutes I spent with it before I hit Esc by accident and the thing closed on me, but I think those five minutes were plenty to come to a preliminary conclusion. First off, a large portion of those five minutes were spent watching the loading screen every time I clicked something, or talked to someone. Then there’s the music, and the fact that it just doesn’t look that good.

Even considering the fact it’s free, I’m still not sure I can recommend playing it. Not for anything other than curiosity, which we all know has killed many a cat. But I can at least say that judging by the comments on Gamejolt, Freddy fans seem to be enjoying the game just fine, so who knows, maybe there’s something wrong with me.

Still, with the speeds at which Scott Cawthon works, give FNaF World another few months, and we might have the next Final Fantasy on our hands.

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