New Rocket League Patch Brings in the New Season

New Rocket League Patch Brings in the New Season

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Rocket League took the world by storm. It was easily the best indie game of last year, and easily the most played. It’s no surprise that a fierce competitive community sprouted up around the game, or that developer Psyonix is doing its best to foster it. As such, here comes Season 2 of Rocket League.

The game’s first competitive season has ended, bringing us one step closer to big-ass prize pools a la Dota 2. Okay, those might be more than a staircase full of steps away, but the game has an impressive competitive scene behind it, with a skill ceiling rivaling if not exceeding that of MOBAs. I’ve tried getting into it a few times, and it’s just daunting.

Still, though, there plenty of people continuing to play it, and probably will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, so Psyonix is most definitely right to keep supporting it, and yesterday’s season 2 patch brings a host of  improvements and fixes, plus a few pieces of content, too. Ranked play is now relabeled as competitive, and has had the division renamed to ones much better suited for radio controlled cars. Like Prospect, and Challenger, or Rising Star and Champion. Much groovier than simply bronze.

Like fighting games, Rocket League will probably never be the type of game I’ll ever put enough effort into to get well and truly good, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate it from afar.

That and ride my car up to the ceiling and smile with glee as it falls back down to the grass while my teammates do the real work.



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