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Dying Light: Enhanced Edition Infecting Steam

As many of you may know, the major expansion for Dying Light, The Following, launches tomorrow, but what you might not know is that alongside that expansion, Techland is also updating the main game to an enhanced edition, featuring a whole slew of changes and improvements. So yes, you could say that the game is enhanced.

And now anyone who owns Dying Light on Steam can now download that update, which clocks in at 3 GB.

The patch notes for the update are actually fairly small, but still substantial and contains a lot of nifty enhancements.


  • Legend system:
    – New skill tree unlocked after maxing one of the base skill trees
    – Nightmare difficulty level
    – Bounties system
  • New weapons: firearms, melee, crossbow
  • New parkour moves animations added
  • Improved human enemy AI
  • Improved Volatile AI
  • New NPC models
  • Enhanced facial expressions
  • Post process effect customization – sepia, black&white, poster + other effects
  • Audio upgrades
  • Valve Anti Cheat support added
  • Select community created maps added into the game
  • #DrinkForDLC content:
    – New quest in Old Town
    – Water balloon item for more powerful electricity effect on zombies
    – Two new water challenges
  • Support for Dying Light: The Following Expansion Pack


  • Various stability improvements, including co-op
  • Various balance tweaks: player development, economy and weapons / crafting balance
  • Improved fighting against human enemies and virals

Developer Tools & Steam Workshop:

Due to changes in Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition, Steam Workshop content and Dying Light Developer Tools will temporarily be disabled. An update is being prepared and will be launched shortly.

And in the event that you might’ve forgotten that all these enhancements are thanks primarily to a paid expansion, there’s a launch trailer for that as well.

I haven’t yet been able to finish Dying Light, primarily because I betrothed myself to three other friends in order to play the campaign together. That was obviously a huge mistake, because we’re all committed to finishing the base game before buying the expansion, which – as far as I can tell – might very well take another year. That’s not knocking the game, though. It succeeds in every imaginable way as a spiritual successor to Dead Island, which I felt was, at best, an okay game. Dying Light, however, gets my stamp of approval.

Maybe you’ll find a post similar to this in a year’s time when the enhanced edition of The Following is on the eve of releasing, where I’m still bemoaning not being able to finish that, too.

Only time will tell.

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