Final Fantasy II Free Via Portal App

Final Fantasy II Free Via Portal App

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Mobile games aren’t all bad. Sometimes you get to relive an old game that is now capable of running on hardware much more powerful than it deserves. In this case, Final Fantasy II on iOS or Android. What more, if you download it through the Final Fantasy Portal App, you can snag the 1988 game for absolutely nothing. The offer is available between now and February 14th, and is to celebrate the Portal App’s one year anniversary, so don’t forget to don your pointy cap and your kazoo before playing it.

Confession time. I haven’t actually played a proper Final Fantasy game (I don’t think a few hours spent with the MMOs really counts). It’s become a point of pride, really, but I admit that one day I should probably catch up. Maybe starting with the Final Fantasy VII remake, and then onto XV.

I may even go check out II.

It’s free after  all.

Head on over to iTunes or Google Play if you don’t already have the Portal App.

Then live out the second of many final fantasies.


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