Tales of Symphonia Proves That PC Ports Can Still Be Borked

Tales of Symphonia is a bad port. It’ll be nice when really poor PC ports are a thing of the past. Take for instance, WB Games. Despite their greatest efforts (or lack thereof), they’ve been missing the mark regularly. First with Batman: Arkham Knight, and then with Mortal Kombat X. Can they turn it around? Do they have what it takes? Find out next time on Days of our PC Lives.

So while a lot of western PC ports are still hit or miss, at least eastern publishers have been getting better and better about it. I don’t remember the last time a port of an eastern game was egregiously bad. Well, not until Tales of Symphonia, that is. Dark Souls 1 wasn’t great, but modders fixed what the studio couldn’t, and then Dark Souls 2 was just fine, and so was Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Valkyria Chronicles, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, and the Resident Evil remasters.

Then in walks Symphonia. Well, walking might not be the right descriptor. It hobble, locked at 30 FPS, locked at 720p, PS3 buttons abound. And those are only the issues you’ll find if you’re able to actually run the game, which a lot of players seem unable to do.

There’s a full list of technical issues on Neogaf.

At least the a developer took to the forums to say somethingbut how publishers (in this case Bandai Namco) can still allow games to be released in states like this is beyond me. The other game in the Tales series that came to Steam, Tales of Zestria, is in a much better state, so I guess we’ll just chalk this one up to a whoopsie on the part of Bandai Namco and whomever else helped to port the game.

It’ll be fun waiting to see if Symphonia is fixed by the time Tales of Berseria launches later this year.


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