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Godus Just Got More Godus in Godus Wars

Well, I guess Godus isn’t dead yet, because now there are two of them. Joining Godus proper in Steam early access is Godus Wars, a combat-centric spin-off that involves RTS skirmishes with AI opponents, but they hope to add multiplayer eventually.

It’s basically 22cans roundabout way of adding combat to Godus, by adding it as a separate game to Steam. Anyone who backed Godus, or bought it in Steam early access gets a copy of Godus Wars for free, and now anyone who buys into Godus will get both the original game and Wars together as one.

A statement by Peter Molyneux adds some insight into this whole shebang.

We said this simple thing – “Why don’t we change Godus into a RTS style game with God-game capabilities and landscape modification, a RTS game with a huge amount of variation and power, the ability to approach each battle in a different way?”

There’s also an FAQ, which doesn’t really do a very good job of answering much of anything.

For instance:

Have you abandoned Godus?!

Not at all! The release of Wars proves that we are still dedicated to Godus and everyone who owns or has previously purchased Godus, already has Godus Wars! Yes! Godus Wars is free for all previous Godus Kickstarter backers & owners.

22cans is basically using Godus Wars as evidence that they haven’t abandoned Godus, but it says nothing about continued development on the original game, or if focus is being shifted to Wars. My impression, though, is that Godus Wars is basically Godus 2.0, and they’re simply hoping the game takes off well enough that people simply forget about their past transgressions.

Will this actually work? Or will the switch only serve to confuse and enrage people?

It seems as though the name Godus alone is nuclear, and any attempt at salvaging this kerfuffle will probably be met with nothing more than vitriol.

For what it’s worth – which at this point isn’t much – I liked what Godus was trying to do, even if it seemed as though it would be years before it got to where it was trying to go. I’m not all too keen on it being retooled as a bare-bones strategy game with god-game elements.

But I guess it’s still too early to see how this entire thing pans out, but the fact 22cans hasn’t just thrown in the towel yet is hilariously commendable.

Godus Wars is now available on Steam, where it’s well on its way to having just as poor a reception as the original game.

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

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