LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Leaked

Are you ready for a new LEGO game? Traveler’s Tales only makes about two or three a year. That’s not over saturation at all, and that’s not entirely criticism, either. Those games all have a very endearing charm about them. You just might go mad if you try to play all of them, that’s all. But how about a new LEGO game based on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, because that’s what it looks like we’ll be getting.

There’s proof in the trailer-pudding.

The leaked trailer shows the game’s release date as being June 28th, 2016. So the game is coming soon enough, six months after the movie premiered, which seems perfectly reasonable. LEGO: The Hobbit was released after about five.

On a related note: is this the announcement reported earlier today? WB’s announcement of an announcement. That’s the latest craze; announce the announcement of an announcement’s announcement.

A few people, including the above Twitterer, mentioned Batman, but Rocksteady are done with the Arkham series (even if WB isn’t), so another one of those games this soon seems unlikely, especially since the email mentions “two of the world’s most popular entertainment brands.” That’s a shoe-in for Star Wars and LEGO. But there have also been rumors of a Superman game from the studio behind Arkham Origins, but that seems like more an E3 announcement. So this LEGO game is the best bet.

Guess we’ll know for sure in about five hours, when WB’s Interactive’s official announcement is said to drop.

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