Play Star Citizen for FREE This Week

Play Star Citizen for FREE This Week

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Star Citizen is an interesting beast. That’s for sure. As of right now, it has surpassed a ridiculous $107 million in funding. People must really like space. Perhaps one day we’ll return there ourselves. Hey that’s not a topic for a gaming blog. Moving on… Star Citizen has become a crowd-funded behemoth, with people spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on (admittedly quite sleek) virtual ships, and now, after three years of development, Star Citizen is starting to resembles pieces of something that might, in due time, actually be a game.

Don’t believe me?

Play Star Citizen and find out for yourself.

The game is free for this week.

What’s included in the 27 gig download is this:

  • Star Citizen Alpha 2.1.2 – Also known as Crusader or the “mini-PU,” this is the nucleus of the world we’re building! Featuring multiple space stations and environments, scripted missions, places to explore and more, Alpha 2.1.2 is your first look at a much larger universe!
  • Arena Commander – Arena Commander is a ‘game within a game’ that we’ve used to develop our flight mechanics and ship combat balance. Take on human opponents or an AI swarm in single seat fighter.
  • Social Module – Interact with other players while you explore our first landing zone, ArcCorp! The Social Module is intended as a starting point for our world building.

So, yeah, it’s playable, but it’s still a ways away from being a “game,” and it’s supposed to be out this year. I have no idea what state they intend to launch in. But at least it looks pretty, and you can find that out yourself by registering and downloading the client.

If you really like it once the free week ends, you can buy in starting at $40, which grants you access to the game-in-progress, a starter ship, and a copy of the single player episodic space sim Squadron 42, which is set in the Star Citizen universe and due out this year. It’s worth noting that Squadron 42 won’t always be bundled with Star Citizen proper. After February 14, the two games will be split and must then be purchased separately. So if you’re interested at all in buying the game after checking it out during the free week, act fast, I guess. Or just wait for the thing to be finished in an indeterminate amount of time, and buy it then.

And if you really like the game and really want to help that $107 million total go even higher, feel free to give them $15,000 for the completionist package.



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