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Ant Simulator Cancelled, Funds Spent on Hookers and Booze Instead

Ant Simulator has bitten the dust, and in the worst way possible. Know all those worries about Kickstarter games?

“What if it doesn’t live up to expectations?”

“What if they take the money and run?”

“What if the game just dies halfway through development?”

Well, Ant Simulator, which had previously been crowd-funded, is now no more. Evidently two of the games three developers were going behind the third’s back, stealing funds, and spending them on hookers and booze, perhaps blow, too, but that’s unconfirmed and complete conjecture on my part. Sucks for anyone who prepurchased Ant Simulator in hopes of donning an Oculus Rift and crawling around on the floor like an ant.  My dreams have been dashed.

Below is a message from Eric Tereshinski about the whole ordeal. If he’s just lying, and was privy to both the hookers and booze, then you can’t tell from the video.He sounds sincere, and quite defeated. The Youtube video probably hits better than a written message would have. Still, making official statements via Youtube is an interesting choice.

Tereshinski says that his former friends of 11-years covered their butts legally, making any attempt at suing then a tough task. As such, he’s forced to resign and abandon his dream ant project.

He goes into more detail in a Youtube comment:

A lot of people are telling me to seek legal advice. I have. The problem is that these guys covered their asses in the contract. They’ll say the drinks were for business meetings, and they have the paperwork/minutes to prove they had meetings (even though I know they were bullshit meetings). They went over the contract line by line with me and I reviewed the whole thing twice. I just didn’t realize they had protected themselves, screwed me (like the fact that they listed themselves as consultants, so they aren’t legally obligated to work on anything, but still have the rights to spend money ect.), and I had no idea what their plan was until it was too late.

I could try to sue them, yes. The problem is that the most likely outcome is that things will end up more or less the same as they are now. The only difference is that I would have wasted a lot of time and money on court and lawyer fees. Cutting ties with them is just faster, simpler, and safer. Besides, I’m really damn good at making games. I will make other games. They won’t.

And thank you everyone tremendously for you support! It helps out so much to see everyone’s comments of support. I’ve been in a really dark place for over two months because of this, you all have really made a difference for me. I was afraid to go public with this information, but it’s really good to be able to talk with everyone here again.

He says in the Youtube video that he’ll continue making games, but you can’t argue that this isn’t a tough lesson to learn.

Best of luck to him.

You can read a few more details about the ill-fated game (for posterity’s sake) at the remnants of the official site.

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