Marvel Heroes 2016

Marvel Heroes Rebrands itself (Again) to Marvel Heroes 2016

The new year is here. Well, it’s been here for almost a month now, but let’s not sweat the details. But with a new year comes a new version of the action RPG Marvel Heroes. Say hello to Marvel Heroes 2016.

But this isn’t just an attempt to rid itself of a poor metacritic score like last time. Marvel Heroes 2015 has had a pretty great reception. Most people readily admit how much better the game is now than when it first came out. The initial release of Marvel Heroes was a hollow shell of a game, but over the last two and half years, the game has grown tremendously.

And it’s just grown some more.

The update that released alongside the rebranding features a whole slew of content. From new zones, to a new hero, to a visual rework to some of the older heroes that hadn’t quite withstood the test of time. The biggest quality-of-life changes, however, is a complete revamp to the game’s crafting system, which it has been in dire need of since it came out.

The official forums have all the changes.

It’ll be an interesting year for Marvel Heroes 2016, that’s for sure. Especially now that David Brevik has left the company. I guess the doomsayer in me thinks that this might be the very last major update for the game, at least for a long while. Or maybe it’ll instill the game with a renewed vigor. Who knows? On the bright side, player count for Marvel Heroes is at the highest its been since May of last year, with 3,800. We’ll have to see if the game can sustain that number. Or if it’ll drop back down to its average of about 1,500 to 2,000, which is still quite respectable in the grand scheme of things.

Action RPGs are a niche genre, anyway. Not everyone loves to grind, but they make for great podcast fodder.

Regardless, I’ll be keeping my eye on the game, as I do with most games. Because that’s just who I am.


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One comment

  1. Squirrel Girl was promised a review to make her viable back in September… nothing.

    Red Axis was promised once all 52 reviews were done… nothing, because now they’ve nerfed a lot of the reviewed heroes into uselessness so there are still massive power gaps.

    X-Defense and Holo-Sim have been totally worthless for over a year- unless a quest or achievement forces you to go there you’re literally wasting your time, the bosses have no loot tables whatsoever.

    They just increased crafting costs by between 9x for the best costume enchants, to 243x for the WORST costume enchants. They literally made the low tier costume enchants 243 times more expensive in terms of elements.

    Zenpool is advertised in the trailer but still not available in game.

    Beast was said to be ready to go in 2016 but seems to have completely disappeared.
    Team up Advance pack still isn’t done – the pre-purchasers are still waiting for Archangel a full year later.

    There’s currently a bug that if ANY hero gets stunned/interrupted while channeling a power, they completely stop dealing damage until you relog, this has happened the same week as Limbo so if it happens to you there where stuns/interrupts are common, you’re unlikely to be able to complete it.

    Midtown loot has been bugged for months, and people pay real money for boosts only to waste them since loot can randomly be half or quarter what it’s meant to be.

    The most annoying thing is Endgame though – You can kill Onslaught or Surtur, the final, hardest bosses of the game over 50 times – and get nothing. Endgame can only be completed on some characters (good luck getting into an axis raid on Squirrel Girl), yet still there are no rewards for doing it, craftable rewards were promised over 2 years ago and still nothing.

    Empty Promises and Bugged content come as standard – here at Gazillion we’ll leave game breaking bugs in the game for months, but if there’s a bug that actually causes a mode to start dropping loot, it’ll be fixed within 12 hours. Because hell, we can’t lose our constant selling of boosts that actually make the game worth any time investment. For only $35 you can get enough boosts to play the game for a few weeks and enjoy the same level of reward that any other online game will offer.