Xcom 2 Mods Revealed by Long War Studios

Just over a week ago, Firaxis announced that Long War Studios would be creating some Xcom 2 mods to release alongside the game’s launch, all for free. Today at a PAX South panel, Firaxas and Long War Studios announced those mods, as well as some general info about the game’s mod tools. They seem,  in a word, powerful. Anything you can imagine, you can do, and if you have no idea how to do what you imagine, there’s likely to be documentation to teach you how. Or if you’re like me, you can just wait for everyone else to do the hard work and then reap the benefits.

Long War Studios will be releasing three separate mods, and they all seem to shake up gameplay and strategy in a fairly interesting manner.

The first of which is a new SMG. Soldiers wielding it will have an increased concealment range, making them more difficult to detect, and a movement bonus.

Xcom 2 mods

Next up we have a new variant of the Muton enemy, the elite Centurion. He’ll be an alien commander and will buff enemies near him.

xcom 2 mods

The last mod, and potentially the most interesting, is a new upgrade path for heroes, the leader. Similar to psionics from the original Xcom, leaders will go into training for a set amount of days, and then return with a new set of bonuses. Only one leader can be in a squad a time, so you’ll have to use your noggin to decide which soldiers you want to send through training. Send them all, and you’ll quickly realize what a bad idea that was.

xcom 2 mods

So those are the three Xcom 2 mods that Long War Studios has coming the moment it releases, all for free. Of course it’ll only be a matter of hours before we start to see other ones, including mods that make guns shoot pigeons. Or ones that replace Mutons with Macho Man Randy Savage.

Xcom 2 mods are modular, too, and can be disabled or enabled by choice. You don’t have to use any of these three mods if you don’t want, or you can only use two of them. I may hold off on the leadership one; it seems like it might be a little overpowered for a first playthrough. We’ll see, though.

Also in the realm of “we’ll see” is a full Long War mod for Xcom 2. When asked about that the mod makers said a simple, “we’ll see.” They’re busy with their own game, anyway.

But give Xcom 2, launching February 5th, a few months and you can probably fashion your own Long War out of all the different mods that have come out.

Or you can install only the most ridiculous Xcom 2 mods and turn the game into a farce.

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