The Division Won’t Stop Dividing After It’s Out

The Division Won’t Stop Dividing After It’s Out

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On the eve of The Division’s beta wekeend, Ubisoft announced that The Division’s post-launch support will include not only three paid expansions, but also a year’s worth of free content.

Their plans are laid out in the official blog. I could almost use air quotes for “official.” Because that article sure reads like it was written by a third party, and not someone at Ubisoft itself, but such is the way of things I suppose.

About the expansions, Mr. Ubisoft says:

These paid expansions not only have new content, but also new gear, and new types of gameplay that are designed to engage players after they’ve completed the main portion of The Division. We have to wait a little longer for specifics on that content, but we do know the names of the expansions, their release order, and a few of the broader details.

As for the free updates available to all those who own the game:

In addition to the Season Pass content, The Division will receive free updates – available to all players – throughout the year. These updates will be built around new game modes, featuring cooperative challenges that reward your squad’s ability to successfully work together.

And to whet your whistle, Ubisoft is giving away keys for this weekend’s beta by the truck load. So anyone interested in checking out the game will probably do so this weekend, and come Monday, or much soon, everyone will kindly offer up their opinions. It’s almost like this isn’t really a beta, although I’m sure they’ll get plenty of feedback anyway, and more like Ubisoft asking kindly if you’d like to demo their game before you inevitably preorder it and its season pass.

Because we’re just sheep, right?


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