Peter Molyneux Announces Retirement, Then Says Whoops Never Mind

Peter Molyneux might not be the most popular fellow in video games these days, but at least he keeps trying, and trying, and trying some more. For a moment there, it seemed he was about to stop trying all together.

Just a little while ago, Molyneux announced, via twitter, that he was retiring from the games industry and that Godus was to be removed from Steam.

The tweets go something like this (I’ve just screenshotted them, since they’re likely to be deleted sooner rather than later):


Peter MolyneuxPeter MolyneuxPeter Molyneux

Now before everyone scampers off to write Peter Molyneux a heartfelt email in order to keep him in the game industry, stop. Put down the keyboard and stop. For a mere eight minutes later, he said this:

Peter Molyneux

It’s pretty obvious from anyone familiar with the state of Godus (I am woe to be) that the tweets were a load of malarkey. That game trudges along, decades away from seeing any of its promises fulfilled, but trudging regardless. I don’t think Peter Molyneux is even on the team anymore, or at least he’s not leading it. He passed along that torch last year. Now whether or not someone really did hack Peter Molyneux, or if he just left his phone unattended and someone decided to have a laugh, and was then promptly fired, we may never know.

I have a soft spot for the guy, though. He’s a visionary. His visions never really seem to come to any sort of reliable fruition, but they’re good ideas nonetheless, and Black & White is a damn classic.

So I want him to keep trying, and trying, and trying some more, because one day maybe his eyes will match his stomach and he won’t bite off more than he can chew.

Metaphorically, of course.

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