Today HotS is a Little More Balanced

Back when Greymane came out, Blizzard stated that from that day forward, they’d be more prompt about balance updates. And lo and behold, they’ve come through on that promise. At least so far. We’ll see how long this trend lasts. Just after roughly two weeks, Blizzard has released the first of hopefully regular balance updates, with the Worgen himself seeing the most tweaks, which makes plenty of sense considering how new he is.



  • Health increased from 1876 (+4% per level) to 1876 (+4.5% per level)
  • Health Regeneration increased from 3.906 (+4% per level) to 3.906 (+4.5% per level)
  • Gilnean Cocktail (Q)
    • Mana cost reduced from 80 to 70
    • Cooldown reduced from 9 to 8 seconds
    • Perfect Aim (Talent)
      • Mana restoration decreased from 60 to 50
  • Razor Swipe (Worgen) (Q)
    • Unfettered Assault (Talent)
      • No longer increases Razor Swipe’s cooldown
  • Inner Beast (W)
    • Insatiable (Talent)
      • Maximum Mana restoration increased from 120 to 140
  • Darkflight (E)
    • Cooldown reduced from 6 to 5 seconds
  • Disengage (Worgen) (E)
    • Cooldown reduced from 6 to 5 seconds

Developer Comments: Overall, we have been excited to see Greymane find his niche in certain team compositions while also watching his win rate slowly climb. We have made a couple of changes to help a few of his weaker talents. At the same time, we have lowered some cooldowns in order to make him a bit more active to play, while also increasing his Health Scaling to help him survive team fights in the later stages of the game.

A few other heroes are getting an ability here or there tweaked, but nothing too substantial. Larger balance passes, for at least Rehgar and Nova, aren’t coming until Li-Ming’s patch next month.

In the meantime, go howl at the moon.

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