WarCraft TV Spot Features, Surprisingly, Orcs & Humans

There’s a new TV Spot for the WarCraft movie, out June 10th:

I guess the question on most people’s mind now is whether the movie will actually be any good. The only real answer to that is a resounding, “Who knows? Maybe?”

It could easily be the best video game movie – ever – but that’s not a tall order. A mediocre WarCraft could still be the best video game movie ever made. The bar really is that low.

A better question than might be: “Will it attract anyone who isn’t a Warcraft fan?” That’s the kicker, and probably the reason a TV spot for the movie is airing a good six months before release. We’re fifteen years since Lord of the Rings, the last great fantasy series. That alone had a lifetime and a half worth of fans and reverence, and Peter Jackson did those books justice. WarCraft has had twenty years, and still has that video game stigma to overcome. But considering that The Hobbit did well with the tepid reaction the trilogy received, there’s an audience of regular joes who might give the movie a shot. Assuming it looks good. I have mixed reactions to the trailer myself, even as an avid WarCraft fan. Some of the CGI looks plain bad in spots, but there’s still plenty of time to touch that up. Duncan Jones has had a pretty good track record, but it’s also a pretty small track record. He could easily fumble this up, but he’s passionate and envisions the movie as part of a trilogy, so I’m willing to give him the benefit of a large doubt. The cast is solid. Go watch Travis Fimmel in Vikings if you don’t believe me.

But can WarCraft, as a story, appeal to people who aren’t already fans? I don’t know.

WarCraft wasn’t exactly novel when first introduced in the 90s, and the story by this point is just plain familiar, but there’s something said for a familiar story executed well. A lot of people, myself included, are perfectly fine with that. It’s Blizzard’s M.O., after all. They like to borrow ideas from many different sources, polish them to a fine sheen, and then roll them out and make lots of money. They’ve made billions doing just that, and all those fans, assuming of course they go to see the movie, might be enough for it to turn a profit.

And brand recognition alone might be enough to get people only remotely aware of the franchise to the theaters. Then you have people who aren’t really fantasy fans to begin with, and frankly, the trailer doesn’t make the movie seem original or interesting enough to get them to the theater.

A lot of speculation on my part, I know, but the movie was in developmental hell for years before it actually went into production. I’ve had a lot of time to think about it.

On one hand, the movie could be mediocre and perform poorly. On the other hand, it could genuinely be good, and do for video game movies what Ironman helped to do for comic book movies eight years ago.

I’m hoping for the latter.

Oh who am I kidding. I’m really only in it to see Orcs raze the hell out of Westfall.

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