Freddy’s World Has Come Crumbling Down

Freddy’s World Has Come Crumbling Down

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Well, at least temporarily. The developer behind the Fight Night’s at Freddy’s franchise, Scott Cawthon, wasn’t too happy with the reception his open world RPG was getting, cleverly titled FNaF World, so he yanked it off Steam. We’re not talking Batman: Arkham Knight levels here. The game was sitting at a 87% positive rating, but I guess that wasn’t good enough for Scott Cawthon.

He’s going to rework it, polish it up, and then release it for free.  People are praising him, and there’s certainly merit in what he’s doing. Say what you will about his willingness to strike the FNaF iron while it’s hot, but he’s passionate about his craft, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to create the best possible game he can, which is more than can be said for a lot of developers out there. So Kudos to him. Here’s his full statement.

Check out a trailer for FNaF World as it was, not as it will be:

The entire series has been a strange phenomenon that coincides with the rise of Twitch and streaming, and Cawthon has done well to ride that wave fast and well, releasing four Fight Night’s at Freddy’s games in about a year. Sure, each one only really reiterates slightly on the last, but releasing a new game every few months is impressive nonetheless. He could’ve probably cranked out another couple if he hadn’t decide to work on FFaF World instead.  It’ll be interesting to see what Cawthon will do once he gets FNaF out of his system. Not that he’s a new kid on the block. FNaF was his ninth game, and he’s also released a few independent films.

So he has clearly got some creative juices that extend beyond creepy animatronic animals.


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