Donald Rumsfeld, Game Developer

Donald Rumsfeld, Game Developer

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In a stroke of absolute genius, as opposed to an actual stroke, which I’m sure is one of the many fears of the aging Donald Rumsfeld, the former secretary of defense has released a mobile Solitaire game. Not that he coded it, did the art, and maybe a little voice acting, too. No, he’s not an one-man army, although I’m sure he’d like to be. He had help, but don’t underestimate Donald Rumsfeld. He was evidently one of the few people in the world with knowledge of this variant of Solitaire.

That’s right. This isn’t any old solitaire. Not at all. This is a version of Solitaire devised by none other than former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, who was much too smart and strategic for regular solitaire. So he devised his own diabolical variant utilizing two decks of cards and a timer, and requires much deeper thinking and strategy than regular solitaire. It got him through many a sleepless night during World War II. What more, If it weren’t for Donald Rumsfeld, Churchill Solitaire might’ve might’ve been lost to the ages.

The game’s official site has a complete story on how the game went from Churchill’s mind to your iPhone, but this gist is this: Churchill taught it to Belgian Diplomat André de Staercke in 1943. 30 years later, Staercke taught it to Donald Rumsfeld. And now Rumsfeld has helped to immortalize Churchill Solitaire in mobile form.

The game is free, but has in-app purchases. A portion of the proceeds will go to “charitable causes that support wounded military veterans and their families, and that advance the legacy and heritage of Winston Churchill.”

It’s now available on the Apple App Store, but will be coming soon to Google play.

In the meantime, check out this nifty trailer:


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