Destiny 2’s Destiny Might Not Be 2016

As Destiny’s drought continues, with nothing new substantial being released for the game since September’s expansion, players are starting to really feel it. There haven’t been any new strikes, or raids, or whatever else it is players do. At least they had dreams of a potential sequel ahead, but that might not be the case anymore. Well, Destiny 2 is still ahead, it’s just further ahead than people were probably hoping. At least if what Kotaku is reporting has any merit. Up until recently it was in the cards for September 2016, but it has since been delayed “according to people familiar with goings-on at the studio.”

With as bored as people seem to be with the current offerings of Destiny, I’m sure they were hoping for an expansion or sequel, or anything, sooner rather than later. Jason Schreler calls it the Destiny malaise, but really it’s just people who should probably give it up and go play a real MMO. Just don’t pick WoW, which is hilariously in a similar boat. Must be an Activision thing.

We’re now two years into Destiny’s alleged ten-year plan. I assumed at one point that it wouldn’t have sequels, but would instead be constantly updated and given expansions, much like an MMO, but I guess that’s not the case. Bungie still has some lofty goals, but it most certainly entails the dolling out of sequels every two years. Or at least every two years was the original plan, but evidently their timetables have been, uh, extended. How much so still remains to be seen.

But this could be quite bad for destiny in the long-haul if Bungie doesn’t act quickly. The live team for Destiny is evidently really small, with most of the team working on Destiny 2 at this point. The live team is mostly relegated to coming up with seasonal events, like this Valentine’s Day one.

And it seems highly doubtful that events like that can sustain a player base in the long-term.

But hey, there’s always the option to simply stop playing Destiny when one becomes bored with it.

That’s probably the best strategy of them all.

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