The Witcher 2 Free on Xbox One

Microsoft kicked off a new phase of their Xbox One Backward Compatibility today, and along with it, they’ll be giving away The Witcher 2 for free.

It’s not in all regions and it’s not forever, though:

Free download of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is available in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, France and Germany. The giveaway is from January 21 (6 a.m. PST) through February 5 (12 a.m. UTC).

Monster Hunters in those regions at least have a couple weeks to take advantage of the offer.
Along with Witcher 2 being free, Microsoft announced a bunch of other backward compatible games. These aren’t free, though:

You can use the accompanying Witcher 2 link to grab the game for free, or any of the other games for a price if you feel like playing them on your spiffy Xbox One.

Microsoft also announced that instead of releasing games for backward compatibility in batches like this, in the future, they’ll release the games as they become available.

Who knows, maybe backward compatibility freebies will become a thing, too.

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