Overwatch Won’t Awaken Till February

Overwatch Won’t Awaken Till February

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Blizzard announced today that Overwatch will remain offline until February. The forum post goes over the specifics, for the curious, but I’ll touch on the important bits below. They originally brought the game’s beta down back in December for the holidays and were hoping to have it up in January. But that ain’t happening.

And for good reason!

Overwatch is being outfitted with a new game mode. Awesome news, I think. I played the game a couple months back during their stress test weekend, and the lack of maps and game modes was my and other people’s biggest complaint. Blizzard is listening to the feedback and acting accordingly, but I do suppose Blizzard has always been pretty good at that. It’s doing things in a timely fashion that they falter on. This new game mode, whatever it is, is also being given a few maps to make it feel at home. Because of all this content, Blizzard had to delay the beta by a tad bit.

They don’t have any details on the new game mode, or an exact date the beta will come back online, but the announcement held these mildly-reassuring words:

This was an easy choice for us to make, and hopefully this post can help you understand why we made it. I don’t have an exact date for when the Closed Beta will resume, but right now we’re looking at mid-February (and we don’t intend to slip out of February). We’ll do our best to provide at least one week’s notice before we’re ready to get this beta party started again, so definitely keep an eye on our official channels.

So that’s that. Overwatch will sleep a little longer, and then come back online with a few more bells, whistles, and content.

Today marks another step toward Overwatch seeming like it’s actually worth the asking price.


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