Necromancer and Wizard Coming to HotS

Not long after Greymane’s release, Blizzard has unveiled the next couple heroes that are coming to Heroes of the Storm. After being practically begged over the last couple years to do so, Blizzard is finally bringing Diablo 2’s Necromancer into the Nexus. He’ll excel at either assassinating or split pushing with his bajillion skeletons. The Diablo 3 Wizard rounds out the Diablo-twofer. She’ll blow people up, and evidently has one of the highest skill-caps in the game to date.

To commemorate the new heroes, game director Dustin Browder took to the interview circuit and spoke with Gamespot, Razer, and Metabomb. The Gamespot interview mostly goes into detail about Blizzard’s process in choosing and creating new heroes, and how they go about translating them between games. Also, if you’re curious how Blizzard chooses the names for heroes, then be sure to read the interview.

Alternatively, if you just want a low-down of the pertinent info, then Heroes Nexus has you covered.

Blizzard tweeted out a teaser video earlier today, showing off the heroes’ portraits as well as their voices:

No word on when the new heroes will actually roll out, but if the past is any indication, it should be February and March. Or January and February if you’re feeling especially lucky. The wizard will be first, followed by the necromancer.

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