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Long War Studios Sprucing Up Xcom 2

The Long War mod was the definitive way of playing the original Xcom, even the devs agreed. They added an extended campaign, new soldiers, new voice acting, new items and weapons, and a slew of other things. And all that was done without the aid of mod tools. They had to brute force it, hard. If for whatever reason you’ve played Xcom, but not Long War, grab it at Nexus Mods.

But that won’t be the case with Xcom 2, it’s getting mod tools, and they’re going to be a doozy. Firaxis is letting players do what they want with the game, and they’re letting Long War Studios do what they want with the game before it even comes out. The team is plugging away – right this second – on mods for Xcom 2 that will be available when the game launches on February 5th. The official announcement is right over here.

We don’t know quite yet what the studio is working on, but they say that more info on the mods as well as the mod tools will be available on January 30th.

Long War Studios announced today that it has partnered with Firaxis and 2K Games to provide multiple mods for XCOM 2 that are planned for release when XCOM 2 launches on Feb. 5. Details on mod content as well as XCOM 2’s modding tools will be available when LWS design lead John Lumpkin appears at the Firaxis Megapanel at PAX South in San Antonio at 12:30 p.m. CT on Jan. 30. The panel will also be webcast live here.

Long War Studios was able to do some pretty impressive stuff to Xcom and Xcom: Enemy Within without the aid of mod tools. Who knows what they’ll be able to do when they have free reign of the game, or what anyone else will be able to do.

I personally can’t wait for all the aliens to be replaced with Macho Man Randy Savage.


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