Battlefront III Prototype Leaks Online

Battlefront III Prototype Leaks Online

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Battlefront III (the Free Radical one, not the DICE one) won’t seem to die. First it was cancelled and everyone was sad. Then some screenshots showed up and showed everyone what might have been. After that some gameplay footage showed up. Now, months later, a working prototype of the game has cropped up online.

ProtoFaggot, whose first act was to apologize for his name, posted the prototype to Reddit.

Hi all, first and foremost I am not much of a Star Wars fan, but I do take interest in prototype games and this is no exception I want to apologize for my name, as it was the name given to me from 4chan to ensure they know who I am when I post this . After a lot of work I managed to get my hands on Star Wars Battlefront III and wanted to share the infamous cancelled game that I’m sure many of you wanted to play. I know not everyone will get the chance to play this immediately, but over time I expect the modding community to be able to change that.

Any links to the download have understandably been removed; it’s pirated content regardless of whether the game came out.  But anyone versed well enough in the internet can easily find the downloads themselves.

It’s worth noting, however, that this is the 360 version of the game, meaning an emulator will be necessary to run it.

The chain of events makes you wonder, though. Have former members of Free Radical leaked this stuff themselves? I can’t think of many cancelled games that have had this much traction. And if DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront was better received, would anyone care as much? Not that it’s a bad game. Plenty people have and continue to enjoy it just fine, but it’s definitely lacking in content. Of course this brings up the question of whether the game was worth $60, or whether it should have a $50 season pass.

This is less of an issue with Battlefront specifically, and has more to do with the state of the industry as a whole. Games are expensive to make, surprisingly so, and I’m sure Battlefront was no exception, regardless of the final amount of content. At least it properly captures the Star Wars universe. Any future Battlefront games will do so as well. So now all they really need is content.

Of course people would have had plenty to bitch about in regard to Free Radical’s Battlefront III if it had ever come out.

But that’s the internet for ya.


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