Survey Potentially Sheds Some Light on Nintendo’s NX

Details on the NX might’ve been inadvertently leaked by a survey.

We’ll go ahead and file this one under big-fat-juicy-rumor, but as far as rumors go, I’ve seen more outlandish ones. So I’m willing to assume this one is probably legitimate, at least until proven otherwise.

At first, only a single page of the survey started to float around twitter:


Those specs seem reasonable enough, and we know how much Nintendo likes their handhelds.

It almost ended there, but an intrepid Twitter user took it upon herself to post the rest:

Contained within the series of pictures is information about a subscription service, as well as a “Netflix” for games. Lastly, there are a series of images asking the surveyor which console he or she would buy, and lists the NX at a few different price points. So there’s no way of knowing for sure how much Nintendo expects to sell the console for.

There’s also a page that implies the NX might work with games from other consoles, and PC, but I don’t know if I buy that. The way in which the survey’s question is phrased might just be misleading.

You can visit Emily’s twitter if you want to see the entire series of tweets, but she basically says that the survey is real, and was sent out on swagbucks, but that doesn’t verify the information. I suppose it could be one big ruse, but I doubt it.

Still, 2016 should be the year for NX, and we should know more relatively soon.


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