NetherRealm drops Support for MKX on PC

NetherRealm is dealing its own fatality to the PC version of Mortal Kombat X. Shortly after announcing a slew of new content and netcode optimizations (something people have been complaining about since MKX launched), they quickly clarified that the updates would be coming to Xbox One and PS4 only, no mention of PC in sight.

You can check out the forum post and ensuing commentator chaos here.

And if you’re curious about the content you’ll be missing out in, then check out the Kombat Pack 2 trailer:

So yeah, it’s safe to say that PC customers are once again shafted. If you’ll recall, this isn’t the first time WB Games (The Publisher behind MKX) released a shoddy version of one of their products on the PC. Let’s not forget Batman: Arkham Knight, which had to be pulled form Steam due to how poor it was. The latest installment of the MK franchise wasn’t wrought with as many issues as Arkham Knight, but it was close. The original download for the game didn’t even include all the content, and it took them more than a little while to fix that glaring issue. Then you have the game’s performance. It was not good. And perhaps the biggest issue, the one no amount of hardware thrown at it will fix, the netcode, is likely to remain at is at this point. Go ahead, abandon ship.

So, yeah. It’s hard to say if this is a trend for WB Games in general, or if these two games are flukes. Last year, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor had a great port, and the Mad Max on PC this year was a-okay, but both of those games had seasoned PC developers behind them. Both MKX and Arkham Knight did not. They were outsourced. It’s readily apparent that NetherRealm’s forte is definitely not PC development, and for whatever reason, they or WB are not letting whomever ported (poorly) the PC version handle these new updates. Perhaps this backlash will cause them to rethink that decision and stop treating PC gamers like second-class citizens.

It’s probably the first step WB Games will have to take to get their crap together.

Either that or they don’t care because they’re rolling around in console money.

Till then, go play Street Fighter.

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