Mayor of London Loves Video Games

Okay maybe he doesn’t love them, but at the very least, he sees them as an opportunity. Nerds do like to congregate.

And the mayor of London is spending £1.2m (about $1.7m in USD) to launch Games London and develop the Games London Festival, which will run April 1st to April 10th, right around the corner. This new festival will also encompass EGX Rezzed and the British Academy Games Awards, and is a collaboration between UKIE, Film London, and Mr. Mayor. Also someone named Michael French is involved. He’s the former MCV publisher (whatever that is), and it is unclear whether he is, in fact, French. The overall goal here is to boost investment from both local and oversees sources, as well turn London into the global capital for games development. Not so sure about that one, they’d have to compete with Seattle and a few other places.

But more power to them, video games, woo!

To make this all even more awesome, they made this entire announcement via a youtube video. Oh, did I mention Minecraft?


I guess more gaming events are always welcome, but the scene is getting fairly packed at this point. We’ve got E3 and PAX. Well there are four PAXes. Then there’s the Tokyo Game Show, as well as Gamescom in Germany. At some point, fatigue might actually set in, at least for anyone crazy enough to try to go to all of them, which are mainly just industry people, anyway. And they’re crazy to begin with.

If you want to learn more about Games London and the festival, head on over to their site.

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