The Witness

The Witness May Not Be Witnessed on Xbox One

The Witness is the next game from Jonathan Blow, who previously made Braid eight whole years ago. That wowed us then, and The Witness is set to wow us yet again on January 26th on PS4 and Steam, with an iOS version some months later.

But when the ESRB rated The Witness for Xbox One along with the other platforms, naturally people thought that maybe it’d be coming to that console as well. It is supposedly only a timed exclusive for the PS4, and was originally going to ship within the console’s launch window, so a Xbox One release being sooner rather than later seemed to have some merit.

But don’t hold your horses.

Thekla, Blow’s team, only rated the game for Xbox One so that they wouldn’t have to worry about doing it later, no matter how later that might be. Six months or six years.

Considering that Blow announced The Witness way back in 2009, seeing it out on Xbox One in a timely fashion might be expecting a bit much, but I think it’s a safe bet that it’ll come out on Xbox One at some point.

Let’s just hope it’s not sometime after the Xbox Two releases.

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