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The Ship is Being Rebuilt

The Ship (later retitled The Ship: Murder Party) came out originally in 2006, and if you’re thinking, “What, 2006? Why would I ever play a game that old.” Then have no fear, for The Ship is being remade as The Ship: Remasted (not to be confused with Remastered; that took me a second, too). The original team isn’t fully involved, but Blazing Griffin, the studio behind the remake, nabbed a few people who worked on the original game.

As the game’s retitle reveals quite succinctly, it was a game about murdering people. Or, more precisely, it was a multiplayer game about assassinating a target on a 1920s cruise ship, and keeping an eye out for anyone trying to assassinate you. Hence, Murder Party.

This remake hits Steam Early Access in February. I can’t attest to whether or not it’ll be in a fully playable state when that happens, but I guess as long as you can murder people without it crashing, then it’s halfway there.

At least they seem willing to listen to feedback and are looking for community involvement. That’s always a plus.

Blazing Griffin tried previously to kickstart a sequel four full years ago, but were woefully unsuccessful, so they’re settling for a remake.

Perhaps if this goes really well, then a sequel could still happen, and it is a game about murdering people on a cruise ship.

So how couldn’t it?

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