Bowie’s Nomad Soul

As you’ve likely heard by now, probably a few times judging by the reverence shown, David Bowie died nearly a week ago. But what you might not have heard is that once upon a time, he was also in a game called Omikron: The Nomad Soul, his first and only video game appearance. In it he played a wanted revolutionary and a nameless singer. Not only that, he also wrote music for it.

Sounds pretty rad, yes?

It’s fitting, then, that Square Enix has made the game free through their store. All’s you gotta do is add the game to your cart and enter the coupon code omikron. It’s the name of the game so it should be easy to remember.  Although apparently if you’re in Europe, you don’t need to use the code at all.

Quantic Dream developed the game in its yesteryear. You may remember that name from such video-games-that-maybe-should’ve-been-movies Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Now you can see where it all began, as well as, you know, the late and great Bowie.

I played the game myself when I was a wee lad. I don’t remember much of it at this point other than the fact that it was a trippy ride, and I mean that in the best possible light, so I’m half-tempted to check it out again regardless of how well it did or didn’t age.

If free games commemorating the passing of a musical legend tickle your fancy, you have until January 22nd to take advantage of Square Enix’s offer.

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