Nintendo Dishes the Deets on NX & Other Plans

The NX draws closer to release. Nintendo President, Tatsumi Kimishima, took to a Japanese newspaper to reveal some details about the company’s future. The article itself is in Japanese, but a kind fellow on twitter by the name of @serkantoto translated some of the finer points, posting a series of six tweets:

So yeah, Nintendo wants to make money (duh) and Kimishima seems pretty confident that these plans can help, or he wouldn’t be aiming for 4x last year’s profits, but at least he’s giving Nintendo a few years to do it. I doubt that he expects the NX to be the big earner, but you never know.

Nintendo seems to be primarily banking on their mobile endeavors and other “extracurricular activities,” such as theme parks, TV shows, and movies. Those are likely to be the safest bets. Kimishima and Nintendo have to be excited about the NX, but still hesitant.

Sure, the Wii U has built up momentum since launching in 2012, but that took some time. Tent-pole Nintendo games like Smash Bros. and Mario sure helped, and we still have The Legend of Zelda, which launches later this year. How well will that do? Well, it’s Zelda, so it won’t flop, but by the time it comes out, NX hype will probably be in full swing. You have to wonder how many Wii Us will be sold by people gung ho for Zelda, and how many people will just wait for the NX and hope for some form of backwards compatibility. I’m sure there’s been discussions releasing Zelda on the NX, too, and even if those discussions ended with a resounding yes, we wouldn’t know.

And I wonder if there’s any fear of the Nintendo mobile endeavors eclipsing the Wii U, and eventually NX, in orders of magnitude, and if that’ll influence in any way the effort they put into console work. Let’s hope not.

At least we won’t have to wait long for info on both the NX and the mobile apps.

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