PewDiePie and Disney… Yup

PewdDiePie, or Felix Kjellberg as he was once known as by his parents, announced today that he has partnered up with Maker Studios, a subsidiary of Disney. So maybe not Disney and PewDiePie, directly, but close enough. Though I doubt PewDiePie will start posting videos to Youtube with Mickey Mouse on his shoulder, at least I don’t think he will, but you get the gist.

I guess none of this should be too surprising. Evidently PewDiePie made an estimated $12 million in 2015. So he’s a cash cow that somebody had to scoop up at some point, and who better than Disney?

His new Youtube initiative will be called Rebelmode, but don’t take my word for it. Let him explain it:

Basically, it’s a variety channel, sort of. I guess. He’ll be working with other notable Youtube personalities to create content, starting with an animated series in the near future. Not only that, the brand, or whatever you want to call it, will then have a hand in game development, philanthropic programs, commercial partnerships and merchandise.

Basically all you’d expect from the Disney umbrella. Maybe he’ll even be in one of the Star Wars or Marvel movies. He even referred to this new network as “Avengers-like.”

“The idea of Revelmode was built from my own experiences and will aim to bring together an Avengers-like talent squad to work and grow a business together.”

I mean, I guess he could’ve taken his near 42 million followers and formed a cult. They would’ve probably gone along with it, too.

So it’s good he’s using his powers for apparent good. Well… entertainment, which is definitely better than a cult.

This is all very interesting, truth be told. Youtube is some weird uncharted territory. It’s basically TV 2.0, and PewDiePie is one of it’s biggest stars.

Which means this is probably only the beginning.

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