Metal Gear Offline [UPDATED]

Metal Gear Offline [UPDATED]

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[Update]: After being offline much of the last day, Konami has finally brought the game back online.

The maintenance has ended and the Metal Gear Online Beta should now be available once again. Please check and let us know if you continue to run into issues.

Now go get fultoning.


We reported yesterday that Metal Gear Online would be coming online for the PC that very day. As it turns out, not only did Metal Gear Online go online yesterday, it also went offline. Yes, only a few hours after bringing the servers up, Konami brought them right back down due to a potential exploit that allowed players to bypass microtransactions. If there’s one thing Konami likes more than pachinko, it’s probably microtransactions.

A hotfix is currently being worked on to plug this hole, but at this current time, yeah, better boot up your Xbox One or PS4 if you want to play Metal Gear Online.

Oh, you’re a PC gamer? Well shucks.

We’ll be sure to update this post when the beta goes back online.

It shouldn’t be too long, right?

Let’s hope.


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