Greymane Has Entered the Nexus

Today Blizzard released the newest hero for Heroes of the Storm, Greymane. A melee assassin that use his abilities to transform between his human form and that of a Worgen. This guy follows Lunara, who was released last month, and Cho’gall, who was released in November. All three heroes were announced at last year’s Blizzcon.

The patch notes detail the his abilities and talents, or if you’d prefer, you can check out the nifty hero spotlight video on Youtube:

Referring back to those patch notes, though. You might’ve noticed that they’re the lighter of the two patches released today for Blizzard games, the other being Diablo 3. More importantly, the Heroes of the Storm patch lacks any sort of balance changes, focusing primarily on Greymane. This, understandably, caused quite a discussion over on Reddit. Hotters (as I like to call them) want more balance changes more frequently. Easy, right? Maybe if we were dealing with any developer other than Blizzard, who’ve always liked to take their time.

But fear not, chimed Community Manager Spyrian:

Recently, Dustin mentioned on Twitterthat the team is looking to start releasing balance changes more often.

I don’t have any information to share on how regular these will be, but we are planning to start rolling out smaller balance tuning updates in between our major patches. The first of these is coming within the next couple of weeks, and should help to address a couple of the heroes that have been more * ahem * …popular in community discussions lately. More info soon!

So maybe balance changes will start hitting Heroes of the Storm more often than heroes like Greymane.

We can only hope!

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