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EVE Developers have shared patch notes for the next Eve Online update scheduled to be released on January 12. The update is pretty massive and has something for everyone. Always a bit dangerous with such large updates, lets hope they don’t bugger anything up!

Eve Online is a player controlled world in a  massively multiplayer online role-playing game set throughout space and is developed and published by CCP Games. Characters pilot customizable ships through a galaxy of 7,800 star systems.

Eve online update

FEATURES & CHANGES : Eve Online update

Patch Notes for January 2016  Release 1.0
To be released on Tuesday, January 12th, 2016



  • Corrected a spacing issue in French localized People & Places UI
  • Corrected clipping issue observed in Russian Overview Settings

Missions & NPCs:

  • Logistics Frigates may now enter small factional warfare complexes.


  • The following SKINs are now available from the new Tronhadar Ink line. They apply to the following ships:
    • Breacher Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Burst Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Probe Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Rifter Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Slasher Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Vigil Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Talwar Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Thrasher Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Bellicose Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Rupture Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Scythe Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Stabber Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Cyclone Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Hurricane Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Tornado Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Maelstrom Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Tempest Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Typhoon Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Naglfar Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Nidhoggur Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Hel Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Ragnarok Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Hoarder Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Mammoth Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Wreathe Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)
    • Fenrir Tronhadar Ink SKIN (Permanent)

User Interface:

  • Integrating effect timers into their corresponding icons in the EWAR effects bar. Adding defensive ewar effects to the EWAR effects bar: capacitor transmitter, sensor booster, tracking, ECCM projector, hull repair, armor repair, shield booster. Now with an improved EWAR effects bar look and feel.
  • New Map tweaks
    • Removed star field
    • Increased visible range of jump lines and markers
    • Now shows constellation markers for selected region and solar system markers for selected constellation
    • Now shows neighbor solar system marker for selected solar system and has added underlay on solar system markers
    • Truncates color mode info on solar system markers if it is multi-line, expands on mouse enter
    • Added label for new map
    • Map bookmark markers optimization
  • New Camera tweaks
    • Camera will now attach to an item on doing “Look At” in tactical mode.
    • Pressing the Orbit Camera button while looking at your ship will now activate Chase Camera Mode for your own ship
    • “Look at” animation speed has been increased by 100%
    • Camera now stays on target for a few moments after it explodes
    • “Look At” action can now be performed on objects far away by doing ALT+click, right-click menu, radial menu or Active Item window button. This is recommended for directional scanning as it centers the far-away object on the screen
    • Triggering the tracking camera can now be achieved through the “Set as interest” action, either via ALT+SHIFT+click, right-click menu, radial menu or Active Item window button.  Using this action in tactical mode will now rotate the camera in place
    • Smoother camera transitions when performing “Look At” and “Set as interest”
    • Marquee select can now be used to lock/unlock multiple targets by holding down cltr+marquee or ctrl+shift+marquee.  ALT+marquee will now allow for drilling down into clusters
    • You can now manually control the FOV of the camera in orbit mode by holding down ALT while zooming. The FOV is reset to auto-mode by resetting the camera (look at or pressing the orbit mode button).

EVE Online Update: FIXES :


  • Adjusted the audio effects for wormholes with reduced mass.


  • Various structures that require the anchoring skill can no longer be deployed by players that have not trained the anchoring skill to the required level.
  • Various Large Remote Armor Repairers have had their volumes reduced to 25m3 for consistency across the entire line.
  • Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter I & Imperial Navy Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter have had their volume reduced to 5m3 for consistency across the entire line.
  • Syndicate anchorable bubbles can now be bought and sold on the open market.
  • Tech 2 and Tech 3 Destroyers may now enter the mission “Cutting the Net”
  • Sentry Drones will once again turn to face their targets while aggressing.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with corporation members accessing containers launched from ships in space. In general the launched containers behave like cargo containers created when jettisoning items from a ship cargo bay allowing corp members full access.
  • The Armageddon now correctly applies its Nosferatu optimal range bonus as well as its falloff bonus.

User Interface:

  • Various minor grammatical errors have been fixed.
  • The 1mn Civilian Afterburner no longer displays an irrelevant overheating bonus to repair.
  • Fixing button icons (such as “enable access to fleet/corp” in inventory window or “show locations in sensor overlay” in People & Places window) so that the icons glow when hovering over with the mouse to indicate that these buttons can be selected.
  • Triggering an update of the overview entries when a wreck is viewed / emptied so that wreck entries are filtered according to the overview settings.
  • Updating sensor visible sites after a place item is moved into a bookmark folder in the Places dialog (either by dropping the item into a folder or by accepting the Edit Location dialog for the item), so that the visibility of the place in the sensor overlay is correctly set to the visibility setting of the destination folder.
  • Fixing an issue that prevented the “enable access to fleet/corp members” button icon from working in the inventory window.
  • Adapting maximum panels in the Journal dialog width of incursion encounters, epic arcs and epic missions taking into account the maximum text width in the content of the panel.
  • Hiding the text that is attached to the brackets for sensor overlay locations when the radial menu is shown for the location.
  • Improving the look of People & Places bookmark visibility sprite: coloring the icon green when selected instead of coloring the icon background.
  • The minimum D-Scan range has been reduced for improved scanning at close ranges.
  • Tooltip has been added to the result entries in Probe Scanner window.
  • Fixed several formatting issues in Probe Scanner window.
  • Camera center offset is now applied to cameras in Map View and Solar System Map View.
  • Fixed an issue where full screen and Ctrl+F9 occasionally caused a black screen.
  • Fixed focus shift issue between Contracts and Chat windows.
  • The Camera mode selection is now persisted on any state change, such as jumping, docking/undocking, opening up the map, restarting the client, etc.
  • The jump effect with the new camera has been fixed.



  • Fixed issue where several type and group names were showing up as “Unknown” in various endpoints.
  • Added key to the “columns” attribute for rowsets where they were missing.
  • Character Info for DUST characters can now be queried.
  • Corporation titles carried by DUST characters now show up in the corp/MemberSecurity endpoint.


  • Alliance resources:
    • Version 1 of the Alliances resource is now deprecated.
    • Version 2 has been added to fix the awkward formatting of having a href in a href nonsense. Sorry about that. V2 has a 5 minute cache.
    • Fixed a defect in the Alliance resource where if the executor corp no longer existed the resource would fail to be parsed. Fixing this means the executorCorporation field is now optional.
  • Universe resources:
    • Added ID for the regions collection and individual region resources.
    • Added a constellations collection.
    • Added ID to the individual constellation resource.
    • Added a solar systems collection.
    • Added the new constellations and solar system collections as a link in the root of CREST.
  • Contacts:
    • Fixed a defect where if a contact list contained an alliance the resource would fail to parse.
    • Finalized work on exposing read and write access for contacts to third-party developers.
  • Exposing a characters location with the charactersLocationRead scope and a cache time of 10 seconds. !! THIS CACHE TIME IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE !!
  • Added ID attribute for types in market types.
  • Added ID attribute for market groups in market groups.
  • Dogma information:
    • Added two new collections for dogma effects and dogma attributes to CREST.
    • Added information about a types dogma attributes and dogma effects to the type resource.
    • Added a link to dogma effects and dogma attributes from the root.
  • Added typeID to the type collection and type resource.
  • Added character waypoints to CREST:
    • This gives developers the ability to send a POST request to the waypoints resource, linked from the character resource, and set a client’s auto pilot destination. This will turn off the autopilot on the client.

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