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Confusion over Playstation VR Price

Over the last fews days we have seen differing reports and sneak peaks suggesting one Playstation VR price point and then the next. With the release of the pre-orders for the Oculus Rift selling out fast at $599 everyone is eager to know where the Playstation VR Price will fall. Even the price point for the Oculus Rift has caused outcry with Oculus founder Palmer Lucky apologised aying he’d previously underestimated the price of the headset, but still claims it is ‘obscenely cheap’ for what it is.


Forbes recently picked up on a release page on the Canadian Amazon website that stated the Playstation VR price would be $1,125 Canadian dollars – so that is approximately £550 GBP and $800 USD. That is a fair whack! Amazon quickly removed this pageand Sony issued a statement, stating it was all Amazon damn fault: “This was an error by Amazon, we haven’t announced price for PlayStation VR.”.

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More recently we are seeing that research group, SuperData, are suggesting that the price point is likely to be between $400 and $600 USD. Many people are hoping for something around the $300 – $350 mark, but frankly I don’t expect any of the options in VR to be less than the $400 mark at the very least.I could well be wrong, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

The interesting thing to keep in mind is that these are the prices for the headset you will still also need additional computing power to actually play any games. To play the Oculus Rift you will need to also buy a very powerful PC and at present Nvidia, the graphics card maker, estimates that there are actually less than 1% of the computers in the world can actually handle the process involved to display the images in the headsets at 90 frames per second. This is where Sony have a major advantage in that they already have a massive potential buying base of people who only need to buy the headset with 36m units of the PS4 having being shipped to date and has over 200 developers working on over 100 titles.

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