Punch Club

The Battle for Punch Club

Punch Club is an 80’s nostalgic based game that as of right now is gaining a lot of attention. The majority of that attention has formulated into a battle of when the launch date will happen. Because of the Twitch community is collectively holding Punch Club under wraps from the rest of the world until they have all finished with the game. So far it has been announced that about 30% of the Twitch community has successfully finished Punch Club, however do not hold your breath. If you would at least like to know that you have a decent chance of playing, go to Stream and click on the pre-order (this pre-order happens to be 20% off the original price) or otherwise wait until the iOS version comes out which will be some time after the official release.

If waiting is just not the most ideal way to spend your time, click on TwitchPlaysPunchClub to view how to play along as well as gaining the understanding of old school humor that use to come along with Street Fighter and other 80’s based set-ups.

However, depending on whether or not you are still interested in viewing Punch Club, check out the trailer which introduces the tinyBuildGames miracle.

Overall this is a community battle worth venturing within, plus the graphics alone may be a surprise to some who didn’t grow up with a Sega console.

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