Shipwrecked Revamped

Klei Entertainment gave us Shipwrecked that easily filled up our extra time. With our character being stuck on a tropical island; ironically enough Shipwrecked takes a while to find the finish line, which inevitably allows us even more time to play.

So what can we expect from the Don’t Starve Shipwrecked expansion? Starting in the middle of January various updates will be showing up about every 3 weeks. Keeping in mind that the updates will involve balance changes and slight bug tweaks. Klei Entertainment also has offered up further content that will be showcased within Shipwrecked.

From monsters, a hurricane season, disastrous weather and monkey’s that make staying on the island as well as trying to survive a living hell. Although that is a primary part of the game. Besides the new characters that will shortly be introduced; the new challenges presented, seem to be a clear indication that Klei Entertainment are turning up the notch to more difficult level.

Even though Don’t Starve are in some early stages of this nomadic anomaly, the company does not steer away from complicated or tough when it comes to being stranded. Especially with a new addition of poisonous snakes.

Nevertheless Shipwrecked has all of us looking like this from time to time, just remember that even more severe advancements are being made.


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