Minecraft 2 Scam

Minecraft 2 is a Scam

Minecraft 2 has run into a storm of problems. One of them being that the whole thing is a scam. Many people reported that after a few minutes of playing Minecraft 2 on their iPhones it ended up crashing. Then another thing to add to that headache is the developer Scott Cawthon has been ripping off various classic games like Mortal Combat. Cawthon this time has used a prime character for his Minecraft 2 creation which is strictly against the copyright law.

Mojang is now on the case to take Minecraft 2 off of any downloadable platform. Even then creator Cawthon may have Microsoft to answer too before this whole ordeal is done.

Here is a screen capture from the game which has Scorpion from Mortal Combat:

minecraft 2


So as a word of caution stay away from Minecraft 2…that is unless having the software in your iPhone crash seems to add some sort of delight to your day. However, Mojang is pleasantly happy that others feel inspired by the game yet this was taking it too far and ignoring simple copyright laws that should be enforced to protect various characters, layouts and games in general.

Keep an open eye in the near future because Mojang have been in talks about curating a second version.

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