Valve to Strive For A Cheat-Free Zone

Valve to Strive For A Cheat-Free Zone

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When it comes to dedicated gamers, especially those on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which has seen a match-fixing policy with the professional players within Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Valve discovered that certain participants would go to any length’s necessary to have their team stay on top and ahead of other teams. So Valve have one solution to permanently ban anyone that has been involved with match-fixing.

Twitter even erupted to the news to the lifetime ban that has been enforced.

The match-fixing with Counter Strike: Global Offensive continues to be investigated and will be for some time. In some instances users will find a way or some loop hole to continue on gaining or keeping the top spot within any means necessary.

Once Valve started looking into the match-fixing last year between January and February they have concluded that anyone that has been previously involved as well as future members will receive equal treatment which is not the lifetime ban.

We can all say we wish that games should be left alone to be played for fun or purely for the enjoyment of being on a team. However, as Esports successfully grows and expands. That also means that others will try and corrupt a system that if it does not work for their benefit they will find a way.

Valve may be one of the first to approach a situation in such a manner but we can assume that other companies will follow shortly. Now that one company has set a standard, one can only wait to see what the next code of action will be when another user finds a loop hole. What can come after match-fixing?


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