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Speedrunner Breaks Record While Playing Fallout 3

Leave it to a speedrunner to break another world record that has been acquired within a 15 minute span. With the majority of us more than likely having enjoyed the in’s and out’s of Fallout 3, Youtube user Rydou has pushed forward by speedrunning through the game. Even better the entire experience was recorded by Rydou.

Rydou goes on to further explain about how this mission was able to be completed in 14 minutes and 54 seconds. Instead of simply running through the landscape that is Fallout 3. Rydou shows speed glitches where one can acquire an increase of up to a 60% speed boost. Plus during a section when you quick load, one can pass through a dozen frames moving the game faster than typically designed.

What deserves even more of an explanation is a trend called any% which is where a user can run through a game and any sort of code is acceptable in the process. And Rydou does a great rendition and showing of any%.

However if you are looking for a more in depth view of Fallout 3, this will not be the video you are looking for. Majority of the time Rydou does an excellent job of showing the glitches within Fallout that should be noted and maybe even fixed to ensure a more difficult setting.

Watch below as Youtube User Rydou runs through Fallout 3:

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