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Nintendo NX – In Steady Development

Following on from our previous update around the Nintendo NX President of Nintendo Tatsumi Kimishima, Nintendo’s fifth President so far and former President of Nintendo US, has been discussing Nintendo’s plans for 2016 and reviewing some aspects of 2015 (translate the link). The Nintendo NX is the working title for Nintendo’s next console release. As we’ve speculated before we feel this is a very important release for Nintendo if they want to keep up with the other big players in the console industry, Microsoft and Sony, and ensure that new comers to the arena do not start to make further ground i.e. your steam platforms, set top box gaming, VR such as Oculus Rift. The other gaming platforms, and obviously this includes PC, all manage to bridge the gap between kids gaming, beginners and more experienced gamers through their range of titles available, something Nintendo has not really been able to do for a while.

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In Kimishima’s latest release he has updated fans that (source has been translated) “a new dedicated game machine will be announced this year” and that it isn’t going to be jumped into lightly and released to the masses. Their aim is to offer “what can be a new experience different from the current WiiU and 3DS, it is recommended a steadily developing”. Now, what this doesn’t tell us is how it will differ from the PS4 or Xbox One. After all this current piece of information may even suggest its another handheld device.

Other snippets of goodness from the source include:

  • Confirmation that Wii U sales have been sluggish and this is likely down to increase in Wii sales harming the transition.
  • There will be five smart phone apps delivered in March
  • My Nintendo, the new membership service will begin in March
  • Players will be able to accumulate points that can be used in the real world in places where there is an interaction with a Nintendo character such as theme parks and with movies

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