Playbox – Xbox One & PS4 Console Speculated

Playbox – Xbox One & PS4 Console Speculated

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The Playbox is its name. You heard me, an Xbox One and a PS4 in one console An Xbox and PS4 Combo Console, if you will. Can’t be done. Doesn’t exist we hear you cry. Well you are wrong. You aren’t that far wrong, but you are wrong. Ed over at Eds Junk has been busy hacking away at the Xbox One and the PS4 to create the Playbox. This ingenius fella has managed to combine both consoles into a laptop unit and give it a 22 inch screen. This mammoth hack or cram took quite a bit of work and the customer he did it for had to pay a fair whack to get it down, but now they can carry an Xbox One & PS4 in one console.


This is what Ed had to say on the Playbox:

Well guys, I did it… I managed to cram a Playstation 4 and a XBOX ONE into a 22″ Laptop form factor. This was a prototype unit I made for a specific customer and it came out beautifully! This is the same size of the XBOOK DUO, which is only a tad bit taller than the XBOOK ONE or PLAYBOOK 4. Has the same 22″ Vizio Screen and works like a charm. Check out the video above and the photos below. If you want to see more in depth of how I build these units, check out my other videos, specifically the XBOOK DUO HOW TO Video, which explains step by step my process. The only issue I had with this unit was the PS4 capacitive Power button will not work consistently. I have determined it has something to do with interference with the XBOX ONE being so close. Luckily it turns on perfectly fine using the PS4 controller, and still will turn on with the button if you have patience.


Playbox - Xbox One & PS4 in one console

Now before you get too excited about the Playbox, Ed has already said it is unlikely that he will do this again unless there is a serious buyer and it will likely require money down due to its complexity. If you haven’t seen his work previously Ed creates custom housing for consoles and makes them portable combining them with monitors that can be easily moved around as well as a lot of other cool stuff, including building his own BB-8. Check out some of the links above to see his work. The image below is of an awesome Marvel Captain America and Iron Man, Civil War special. Personally, anything with a picture of Johnny Bravo in the background is fine by us…whoaa mama.

Eds Junk - Iron Man and Captain America boxes


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