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New Xbox One Model in 2016

The model in question for the Xbox One happens to be a lightweight design with a cheaper price tag. Apparently word around the water cooler at Microsoft has been that the company is talking about creating a newer version that will exceed are wildest dreams. With this newer console it will play only Windows version games (so hardly blowing us away). However, the reason behind that is the fact that Microsoft is going up against Apple TV.

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So let’s talk about price range, typically spending about $400 is not out of the ordinary…yet Microsoft will be throwing their fans a bone and may even slash that price in half…one could hope for even lower.

Xbox One

As of now the Xbox One “lightweight” seems to be heading for possible myth territory if Microsoft doesn’t jump start the procession and fast. How many people are going to like if the console only plays apps and Window games? Even the name brand One games will not run on this system.

Even though years have rolled by with the typical requests for a TV version of an Xbox…this project hopefully will see the light of day. Otherwise kiss another incredibly opportunistic advancement goodbye. Then maybe Microsoft will come to their senses and release a late date for the Xbox One ‘lightweight’.

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  1. “…creating a newer version will exceed are wildest dreams”
    Is that supposed to be “creating a newer version that will exceed our wildest dreams”?