League of Legends skins

League of Legends Skins & Champions Sale

In case you’ve missed it there is a League of Legends Skins sale happening at the moment. The sale on the League of Legends skins started on the 1st of January and is on-going until the 4th January, so only a few more days to get those new skins bought. There are also Champions available for sale as well. Available to players in this sale are:

League of Legends Skins

Uncle Ryze

520 260 RP

Midnight Ahri

750 375 RP

Augmented Singed

975 487 RP

Jade Fang Cassiopeia

975 487 RP

League of Legends Champions

The following Champions can now be added at a discounted rate to your roster:


Sadistic and cunning, Thresh is a restless spirit who prides himself on tormenting mortals and breaking them with slow, excruciating inventiveness. His victims suffer far beyond the point of death, for Thresh wreaks agony upon their souls, imprisoning them in his lantern to torture for all eternity.

975 487 RP


Hecarim is an armored colossus who charges from the Shadow Isles at the head of a deathly host of spectral horsemen to hunt the living. A monstrous fusion of man and beast, cursed to ride for eternity, Hecarim revels in slaughter and crushing souls beneath his armored hooves.

880 440 RP


There are few dwellers, let alone champions, residing in the blasted and dangerous lands that lie south of the Great Barrier. Much of that world still bears the scars of past Runes Wars, especially the mysterious Kumungu Jungle. There are long-forgotten treasures in these strange places which many risk life and limb to acquire. Nidalee was only a young girl travelling with her treasure-seeking parents when they lost their way in the dense, rainy jungles. The jungle was unforgiving, and she watched her parents suffer agonizing final days as they fell victim to a mysterious and vicious disease.

790 395 RP

Xin Zhao

Whenever Jarvan III, the king of Demacia, delivers one of his rallying speeches from the glinting marble balcony atop the Royal Palace, Xin Zhao is at his side. Coined the Seneschal of Demacia, Xin Zhao is the personal steward of the Lightshield Dynasty. His enigmatic, silent vigil has led to an abundance of conjecture concerning his ”secret life” and origins. Whether it’s ”Zaun double-agent” tendered at the dinner table or ”indebted rune mage” mused in the editorials of the ”Demacian Constant,” Xin Zhao betrays no hints to sate the curiosity of the masses… for good reason.

585 292 RP

If you are new to League of Legends, and therefore have no clue what League of Legends Skins are, then check out the Intro video below, it will get you up to speed on this incredibly popular esport. I mean seriously, I was in Vietnam recently and there were billboards everywhere. Tons of gaming cafe’s full of gamers putting in some serious hours.

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  1. They have these sales every week bro…

    • Cheers buddy, we know but not everyone is in the same boat. Our aim is to post about as much quality news as possible and we are nowhere near that yet. If we bring new info to one person the post is worthwhile.